Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome to My Blog

Hello loved one,

If you were sent a link to this blog it is because you are interested in my life. Thanks for caring.

I will be leaving on January 11th, and will land in Kolkata (Calcutta) on January 13th. Another student from SU, Loren Smith, will be interning with Fr. Puthumai as well. He's a great person, and we'll likely be roommates. We have a lay over in Dubai for almost 7 hours, so we hope to get at least the slightest window into the Arab world.

So far, nearly all of the logistical concerns are taken care of. I have received all my shots (Hep B, Common Flu, H1N1, can't remember the last one) and have obtained my prescriptions. The VISA came through and plane tickets have been purchased. My family has showered me with money and travel items like a money belt and collapsable laundry bin. The only things left to get my hands on are sun screen, bug spray, and Rupees (Rs) - all of which are on the way.

That's it for now! I love you all and appreciate your enthusiasm and support for me during all the preparations and planning.




  1. Enjoy Jeff! Its a great experience. I look forward to reading your updates. Stay safe and safari njema (safe travels) my friend!


  2. Jeff:
    Post lots of pictures, don't come back and arbitrarily dance at a moments notice like slum dog millionaire.

  3. Hey bebe!

    Thanks for the introduction.. I know you've gotten there safely and update us when you get a chance! Can't wait to hear about everything!


  4. jeff write more!!!!!!!!! im so curious!

  5. Jeffrey: You really blew me away! I didn't realize you were such a great editorialist. I love you very much and am really glad that you are happy there. Grandma

  6. YAY! This is why I love technology! Can't wait to follow your adventures. This experience will surely change your perspective forever. I'm very excited for you!

  7. Thanks Jeffie,
    lots of efforts to keep us informed.
    Good to know that you and Loren are not
    living in a cardboard box under a bridge
    down by the railroad tracks.
    Remember that definition of politics that
    we have always worked with? I could not
    be more excited about the opportunities
    that you describe here to work among these
    systems. Love and Peace, Dad

  8. Hey Jean-Paul,

    How goes it? This was fun reading through your blog posts--Ryan A. gave me the link. Looks like a pretty full and fascinating experience so far.

    Peter B.