Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Introducing the Newest Member of CKS

Hello again Friends and Family,

There was an opening to cruise the internet this afternoon, and I decided to post a quick update to everyone.

CKS is proud to introduce our newest member...

...her name name is Sweety, and I think she is around ten weeks old. From what I understand, one of Puthumai's friends had a litter of puppies and offered one to CKS. How could he refuse...I mean come on...

...this is Shubhra's nephew, Snehundu, with Sweety. Anyway, she's been a nice addition to the house. Things are about to get pretty lonely for me, as Shubhra will be traveling to far off places to give trainings associated with disaster risk reduction. Andrew, the latest volunteer who I traveled with in Darjeeling, will also be leaving this weekend to Kolkata. So, it may be Sweety and I for a short while together in the big house this weekend. I'll be sure to keep everything locked down, don't worry.

Also, since returning from Darjeeling Andrew and I have had some time to wrap our heads around some projects. For me, it's pretty much the same ongoing assignments - teaching Spoken English, fine tuning the manual, tying up loose ends with the student group, and taking up one of Loren's projects. Andrew is developing a study on homeless youth, which will surely be an exciting and hands on task. Also, he is taking the lead on developing the CKS library.

This room has been ordained as our classroom. It's very small, but the largest session I've taught was six students, so it's more like I'm tutoring than teaching. Thank goodness a ceiling fan was recently added, because it is getting hot hot hot these days. We don't open the windows in the evening because mosquitoes will come rushing in, so it can get stiflingly hot without the fan.

This is our baby. These are all published scholarly articles and studies mostly about disaster risk reduction or a topic closely related. Since Loren departed (to Seattle), God Bless him, Andrew and I have done some work in organizing the documents that are to be printed. My estimate is that there are around 2,000 pages of published documents to be printed. The photo shows only the documents we have bound...the library is bigger than this...Please believe me! : )

Anyway, beloved Friends and Family - thanks for taking the time to hear the latest in my life. If any of you feel so inclined, it would be nice to receive an email update on your life. For you Christians out there - may Holy Week be a time of sincere renewal in your life.




  1. Pretty cute addition Jeff!

    The post on your Darjeeling trip was amazing... still a great learning experience.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm glad you found these last few posts interesting, Ingrid. Sorry I haven't been more in touch lately. Take good care and stay cool! Peace.