Sunday, April 25, 2010

Old News is Good News

Hi Friends and Family,

Yet again, time has passed faster than expected and an update is in order.

First, to acknowledge the title of this post, please enjoy some photos of Holi - the celebration of the onset of spring, color, and friendship. I couldn't turn down posting some photos after a dear friend requested that I share some. Here goes!

This is Debu, one of my students who happened to see us at the celebration, which took place on the campus of Vivsa Bharati University.

Christine in her shades.

Loren seconds before a mob of Indians drowned us in colorful powder.

The aftermath...

Things are still steady here at CKS. This is the second week in a row that Shubhra has been doing trainings elsewhere. Her first week was spent in the northeast state of Assam, and now she is doing more trainings in Bihar.

Andrew and I are chipping away at our projects, as usual. Our printing is pumping out document after document of disaster preparedness related literature, and our friend the book binder (Mr. Pandit) is enjoying our business. Andrew is also making headway in his study of homeless children who live in train stations. He is gathering data by going in the field and also carried out an extensive literature review. Yesterday I finally completed the map which will work in conjunction with the manual I put together. It shows most of the city we are in, and I will be adding markers for places that are worth knowing the location of. I'm hoping this map will be helpful to future volunteers in getting their bearings, and am thinking of making one of my neighborhood when I get home.

Besides all this, Andrew and I are doing our best to keep the house together.

Sweety is growing everyday.

In less than two weeks, I'll begin my journey west to see the Taj Mahal, Varanasi (where you can see funeral open pyres, and Bodhgaya (where the Buddha reached enlightenment). After all that, I'm off to South Korea for ten days, then home to Seattle by May 27th (In time for Mom's B-day!).

Please keep me in your prayers. I love you all dearly.

In Christ's Peace,



  1. You are so lucky to go to Bodhgaya! Would you mind bringing me back a leaf of the Bodhi tree (unless it's not allowed, of course)? I hope I will see you when you come back this summer!

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I have enjoyed your writings very much, and I just marvel at how good you are at it. I love Sweety. Do you see her very much? Also, I think your hairstyle looks great on you - you look so Healthy. This life must really agree with you. Imagine, my little grandson being a teacher! It's all a lot for me to take in.

    Looking forward to your return. Love, Grandma
    P.S. This time, Uncle Bob can write his own comments! Hi Jeff: You really have a way of helping us all realize how truly fortunate we are! We do like your 60's look, and you and your Dad can see whose hair is the longest when you return! Love, UBob

  3. Thanks for the pictures!!!! What a hoot.

    And please post more pictures of Sweety. She melted my heart. Those ears!